Rules for Assistance

PMAP is for residence of Indian River County Florida

Please read the entire application process before submitting a request for assistance.

PMAP is only for residence of Indian river county. 

PMAP is for non emergency care. In some cases we are able to assist with an emergency case that is already in the care of a veterinarian.

Applications can be done online or a copy of the application can be mailed to you.

( all Funding goes directly to the treating veterinarian hospital )

Therefore, your pet must have been seen by a veterinarian so that diagnosis and prognosis can be determined before the funding is confirmed.

Make sure you complete ALL areas of the application including your contact information, treating veterinarian and there contact information.

Because of limited funds we are restricted from assisting but not limited to, the following instances :

Spay/neuters, vaccinations, non spayed pets or ones used for breeding. we can refer you to other organizations that may have funds for these purposes.

Because we work directly with your veterinarian and funds paid directly to them, any paid bills or past due accounts can not be assisted with.

We are here to assist indoor family pets. adopted pets will qualify only with proof of adoption form your local shelter.

All pet owners must be able to provide the basic care for there pets including but not limited to, vaccinations, food, safe and clean environment.

Our Grant amounts are caped at 500.00 per applicant. We can only assist each applicant or household one time per year. In the case of multiple pet households PMAP in most cases only assist with one pet.

One determination in providing funding is the prognosis of the pet. after discussing your case with your Veterinarian we will be able to determine if you pet qualifies for assistance

We are an equal opportunity organizations and never determine funding based or race, color or sexual orientation.

Please refer to the income requirements set forth for determining qualification. 

If you have any questions, please call 772-562-1357 or you can fax us at 772-569-7337. 

Thank you

C Martin Lavander