Join us for Yappy Hour at 10:30PM on 94.7 FM with our special guests, Dr. Scott Snedeker and Glenn Hood, local breeders and experts.

A native of Ft.Pierce, Glen Hood had a childhood dream of owning a Cassowary after a trip to a local zoo.   it was as a young adult he was able to acquire one. After much research he and Dr Scott Sneadeker made saving this magnificent flightless bird there passion.   Dr. Scott sharing his time as a E.R doctor does his fair share of chores that are many around the farm.  
Tune in this for this Two part show Thursday, Feb 14 & 21 at 3;00 pm on 107.9 FM & Saturday’s at 10;30pm on 94.7 FM to hear about the Beautiful, elegant and deadly Bird, the Cassowary.